How It Started

How It All Started

Love of Cooking Good Food

Born and raised on Cattail hill in Johnston County NC I've always love to cook! Cooking has become a passion of mine and I enjoy the friends, experimenting with my own recipes, sauces and rubs it's like therapy for me. The people who eat my food and love every bite just makes my day. 

I got started helping a friend during a competition and asked me to help him and I jumped in to help. I immediately fell in love with the BBQ brotherhood and the compettion itself. I've learned so much from my Dad grilling and watching him over the years. So my buddy signed me up for a competition on my own and I did all 4 categories of meats and had only asked him to sign me up for 2 plus a mystery meat. I'm coming up on my 3rd year anniversary in March. So I built a trailer to do this as a hobby but got so popular people kept booking me for events of all types and it just keeps growing and getting bigger which is amazing. 

I have won several choice awards, 2nd place in brisket, 3rd place ribs, 1st place BBQ, 1st place chicken and it keeps on winning and getting better as I move forward with it.